Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chickeny Goodness

If it were legal to have chickens in our lovely town, I would tell you that we have chickens.  4 beautiful Ameracauna hens.  They seem to be enjoying our icky winter backyard just fine.
 Their names are Chicken Pox, Chicken Jane, Chicken Little, and Camilla.
 There are two currently laying.  One lays greenish blue eggs, and the other lays pinkish brown eggs.
 Apparently wild chickens are forest creatures.  I never before realized how well chickens could blend into a forest setting, but seeing their colors against the dried leaves, I can see how they would survive in the wild.  Also, they are FAST.  Chicken Pox is the fastest.  If there were chicken races somewhere, I would totally enter her!

Lilyanna learned her lesson last time we had a chicken in the backyard and is wearing the proper footwear for the occasion.


Mom24 said...

If you did have chickens, I would tell you they were gorgeous! I had no idea they were so beautiful.

Valerie said...

Ameracauna's are my favorite eggs! They are so pretty! Watch out for raccoons and possums- they loooooove pulling chicken heads through wire.

Emilia said...

yikes! hopefully our coop is secure enough. I also have some solar powered pest detractors. They have blinking red "eyes" at night. We haven't had any trouble so far, but my guess is spring and summer will bring a few more challenges.