Monday, March 14, 2011

Jump Rope for Heart

Caleb dragged me over to the bulletin board in the gym and told me to take these pictures because he "jump roped a hundred times in a row!".  According to the sign, he jumped at least 12.  So, maybe it was a hundred.  He does know how to spell his last name, btw, but he told me he was too tired to do it the right way after jumping so much.  I <3 him.  Just like that little girl on the star.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cub Scout Cross Over/Blue and Gold Banquet/Arrow of Light Thingy

Do you see this boy?  As of three weeks ago is no longer a cub scout.  Oh no.  He is a big bad Boy Scout.  (Do you see the patches on his shirt?  Most of them I sewed on 2 weeks before this dinner even though he's owned the shirt for almost two years.  And then I had to buy a NEW shirt to sew on NEW patches for his Boy Scout meeting the very next week.  Arg!!)

This is what was left of the group who started in Cub Scouts together so many years ago.  They are a nice bunch of boys when they're not trying to light things on fire.  ;)

This is Lilyanna with her outfit inspired by my Glamazon sister, Elysa.  Hello??  Animal print and accessories??  Clearly a must.  Also, she has a lollipop.  That was pretty much how we could get her to sit through the event.  She didn't start screaming and running away until Todd and I had to stand up in front of the room with Benjamin.  Naturally.

So, after the boys cross over the bridge thingy, the new Scout Master puts little green thingies on  the scout's shirt.  I have no idea what they symbolize, except they used to be blue and now they are green.

And there they are.  Two minutes before the picture was taken they were itty bitty Scrub Scouts as Todd likes to call them, but now they are aforementioned big bad Boy Scouts.

And this is what happens when you give boys real arrows when they earn their Arrow of Light award.

And here are the Dads who didn't kill them even after working with them for so many years.  Bless their hearts.

And here we are.  Looking terrible.  It had been kind of a long day.  I promise we enjoyed it all much more than it looks like here.

One down, two to go.