Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's Official!

So this is what we came home to a few Thursdays ago. The Broads had decorated our house with wonderful "It's a Boy" balloons and noisemakers. It was VERY fun to come home to!

Here is how conversations with the neighbors went. (It all made me realize that while I really love having a bunch of stay at home Dads on my street, we just don't spend much of our conversation time talking about personal stuff.)

Neighbors: "Did you have a baby?"

Me: Um, no. (Really??Did they think I could hide that for nine months?) But I'm pregnant.

Neighbors: "You are?!"

Me: yeah.

Neighbors: "And it's a boy?"

Me: Well, no.

Neighbors: "....oh."

Me: We finalized the adoption today!

Neighbors: "oh. Well, that's nice too, I guess."

Introducing the latest addition to the Smith family:

Warren Logan Smith!

This is a picture with him and the woman who has been his caseworker for the last several years. We like her a lot. And are sort of sad she won't be around anymore.

This is the whole new and improved Smith family with the FABULOUS judge. He's showing us the notepad that he doodled caricatures on while we were having our hearing:

When Caleb first met the judge, he asked him to bang his gavel and say "Order in the court!" The judge looked a little worried and said, "Um. I don't think I actually have a gavel." Caleb was not amused. Seeing that the judge was about to lose a five year old fan before the hearing even started, he walked all around the chambers looking for a spare gavel. (The idea amused me. Like people keep extras in their desk?) He finally came back in the room and said, "Well, I couldn't find a gavel, but I did find this." And he proceeded to pull out a tape measure and bang it on the desk. The gravity of the statement was sort of lost on the fact that every time he banged it on the desk, the tape actually flew out a few inches. He was a great judge, though, and helped to make the experience very positive.

We are very happy that Warren has chosen to become a part of our family and feel fortunate that we were all able to enjoy this day with him.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nathaniel turns 7!!!

Today Nathaniel is 7 years old!!

He has been counting down to this day for approximately four months, so he's not excited or anything.

Today we are keeping it low key. Some cake. A few presents. Good stuff.

My seven favorite things about Nathaniel right now:

1. I love that Nathaniel is so very much his own person. There is no middle child syndrome going on there.

2. I love that he enjoys being in a book club with his friends, and that when it was suggested in said book club that they should skip a few books in the series, he was appalled and insisted we go to the library so he could get and read the ten books in between. (Finally, some hint that he's related to me!)

3. I love that he likes to sleep.

4. I love that he is so excited about school and learning.

5. I love that he was really excited to see Todd's MRI pictures, and bugged him for a full two months before Todd finally remembered to show him.

6. I love his beautiful dark eyes and long eye lashes and dark hair.

7. I love that he's mine.