Monday, May 16, 2011

Peck Peck Peck!!

This is a picture of my daughter.  And a chicken.  The chicken is currently living with us.  It is a special needs chicken.  The other chickens it used to live with knew this and tried killing it on a regular basis.  Other than the fact that she can't get herself up when she falls over, and looks pretty beat up, you wouldn't know that she had issues.  Lilyanna loves the chicken.  They spend a lot of time hanging out next to each other when I'm gardening in the back yard.  Usually Lilyanna is fully clothed for these things.  This Saturday, however, she followed me outside wearing just her diaper.  
In typical fashion she went over to the chicken and sat down for a good conversation.  (Pick a little, talk a little!)  This was fine.  The chicken went about eating grass and bugs.  And then she found something that looked like an irresistible treat.
  Baby toes.

Lilyanna was NOT pleased with the results.  The chicken wasn't overly pleased either.  She got screamed at and pushed away AND didn't even get to eat the yummy looking things.

So now she's just back to bugs and chicken feed.


Raquel said...

Oh, I miss you!

Valerie said...

I heard your town allows chickens, but I guess I didn't believe it, very cool.

Emilia said...

We miss you too, Raquel!

Val, we Worthington hicks are like that. There are some finer points to the law...and we are technically in violation of them except we have permission from the neighbors. For now.