Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Conversations with a Middle Schooler

Benjamin loves middle school.  It's delightful and slightly mystifying to see.  He has a group of friends that he absolutely adores.  He announced them as his best friends on day three of school.  (He was ready for some fresh blood.  So, having three elementary schools feed into the middle school was just right for him.)

Here was a conversation he and I had last night as I was driving him to have an airsoft battle at a friend's house.

Him: Did you hear Neil Armstrong died?
Me: Yes.  On Saturday.  I listened to lots of stories about him on the radio while I was painting.
Him: It's sad.  Especially after he just lost all of his medals.
Me:  Huh?  OH!! No, honey, that was Lance Armstrong.  Neil Armstrong was an astronaut from Ohio.  Lance Armstrong was a winner of the Tour de France.  Two very different people.
Him:  Oh.  My friends have some of their facts confused.