Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Nothing but blue skies!"

There are many wonderful things about living in Columbus, Ohio.  It is a fantastic place to raise a family.  Housing is affordable, our town is delightful, we have great infrastructure, nearly everything is family friendly, and the ice cream is amazing.  That being said, there is a major draw back.  I've mentioned it before.  For roughly 5 months out of the year, we barely see the sun.  It's there, trying so hard shine a little feeble light on us through the clouds.  But generally, our skies look like the above picture.  A cement gray for the entire winter.  It wears on the soul after awhile.

My daughter, who was born here and has never lived anywhere else, accepts that this is as it should be.  Of COURSE you're not supposed to see the sun in the winter!  Silly Mom for thinking otherwise!  I didn't realize how much this was a part of her life until she started crying in the car today when we were driving home, "Mom!  Where are the clouds?? Why are all the clouds gone?? Why is the sky only blue??"

I wanted to cry, too, that my girl thinks of a bright blue sky in the winter as "wrong".   

For me it is a gift.  A reminder that spring will come again.  The cement gray skies will be mostly banished until next November and I'll need to drink up all the vitamin D I possibly can.  I know Lilyanna will be happy when it comes, too, but for right now it's freaking the poor girl out.

Pre-crying over the blue sky.
Proof that it's possible, though not likely, to see a blue sky in Columbus in February.