Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tag from Jen

8 TV shows I love to watch:
 (most of them online or on DVD because we get three stations with our rabbit ears.)
1. Doctor Who
2. Bones
3. House
4. Lost (though, I took a haitus for a year and am just now finally catching up.)
5. Numb3rs
6. Pushing Daisies (I know.  I don't want to talk about it.  I'm so sad at it's cancellation.  Cruel cruel cruel.)
7. Torchwood (I haven't actually started this one yet, but it's in my queue, and I have no doubt addiction will follow.  Hello, Capt. Jack.)
8.  How I Met Your Mother (I'm always a season behind, because I watch it on DVD)

8 Favorite restaurants
In Ohio?
1. Northstar
In NJ?
2. Dynasty, especially when Tim is there to tell me what to get
3. That Thai place in Somerville on Davenport St.
4. Jose Tejas
5. Plataforma
6. Roy's
7. Any pizza place (as long as it's not Kosher)
In CA?
8.  That Indian place we stopped at on the way down to Yosemite. mmmmm... 

8 Things that happened yesterday
1. I went to my 6:15 AM spinning class.
2. I sliced up six apples for a Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast.
3. I forgot about the no nuts rule at preschool, and packed a granola bar for Caleb's snack that he wasn't allowed to eat.  (In my defense, there aren't any kids in the class with nut allergies.)
4. I folded laundry and watched Numb3rs with Todd.
5. I cleaned out my almost-son's room.
6. We set up a bed in said room.
7. I finally emailed a few friends I've been meaning to email for ages.
8. We had Familiy Home Evening.

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Having a teenager on a permanant basis.
2. Christmas.
3. The next Diana Gabaldon book.
4. Being done with adoption paper work.  (Not until this summer.  Ugh.)
5. Seeing results from all my spinning classes.
6. The next Catan night, whenever it may be.
7. My van being all paid off!!!
8. Getting together with a friend to discuss our writings.

8 Things on my wish list
1. A smooth transition of going from a family of five to a family of six.
2. Less work stress for my honey.
3. A trip to NJ.  (Happening in April!!)
4. Unlimited funds for travel! 
5. That my year's supply were actually complete already.
6. That it were easier to see  far away family and friends whenever I want to.
7. A maid.  
8. A maid.

8 People I'm tagging:
With the understanding that you clearly have better things to do-
1. Heather
2. Joan
3. Amy
4. Beth
5. Trish
6. Carrie
7. Val
8. Marcia   

Monday, November 24, 2008

Musical Monday

The snow has been replaced this particular Monday by rain.  At least it's warmed up a bit.

Today's musical selections are in honor of our almost son.  We went to see him perform as Cinderella's Prince in Sondheim's "Into the Woods".  He was WONDERFUL!!  He has a lovely voice and a tremendous stage presence.  He is clearly at home on the stage.  It was such a joy to watch him and the rest of the cast!  These clips are obviously not of a high school show, but our Princes were very like these professionals.

The prince has three main numbers and then little scenes here and there.  In the first scene, he and his brother bemoan the troubles of getting their princesses; Cinderella and Rapunzel.

In the second song, the princes have caught and married their princesses...and are missing the thrill of the chase.  They return to the woods and find Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.  Best line ever- "Dwarves are very upsetting!"

In the third, there is a Giantess killing in the land and everyone in running through the woods.  Cinderella's prince finds the baker's wife...

I will confess it was a little odd to watch our almost son seducing someone, albeit in character on stage.  Still.  I didn't even know for sure he had ever kissed anyone.  And there he was on stage kissing the baker's wife quite thoroughly.  He looked to be doing a good job of it, too.    

Is it creepy to notice that my teenage son seems to be a good kisser?  I mean, I wouldn't want any of my sons to be bad kissers.  But it seems like a strange thing for a mother to be aware of.  Hm.  

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Broads do Twilight


Fun and silliness.

Love Poem

"My love for you is like hot cheese, warm and stringy
Your love makes my heart mushy and squishy
Like the lime in the bottom of the tap water jar,
My heart sinks and I turn green when you are afar.
My heart chills like the slaughtered pigs in the meat locker ,
I would rather kiss you than be pelted with rocks playing World Cup Soccer.
Your beautiful body is more curvaceous than a jug handle U-Turn,
I will stop so I will not sustain a burn.  (from you)"

It is finding delightful and forgotten things like this poem that make combing through and organizing old papers and letters completely worth it.  This was written by a former boyfriend (with help from his roommate) on the back of a paper menu while they dined at the diner I was waitressing at during the summer of 1996.

How can I keep from smiling today, remembering that there are such poets in the world?  

Movie Buff in Training

I've always enjoyed going to movies.  I considered it something of a luxury, though, and didn't do it too terribly often even as a teenager.  Part of the problem was that NJ movie ticket prices are cost-prohibitive.  So when I went to see a movie I was happy to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.  

Todd on the other hand is a walking encyclopedia about movies.  IMDB is a verb in our house.  We'd never seen a movie together before we were married, so I was unprepared for life with my own personal movie critic.  He's critical, but he's usually dead on.  (I eventually made a rule that he wasn't allowed to critique the movie until AFTER it was over.)  He can also tell you every actor or actress and what else they've been in and who they're related to and all sorts of other details that it never occurred to me to know.  

It's partially living with him, but mostly because we live by a dollar theater here in Ohio (50 cents on Mondays!!), that my kids see way more movies than I ever did.  I hadn't considered how this would affect their perspectives on life until last week.

I had charge of my three boys and two of their friends one cold and gray afternoon, so we decided to go see "Journey to the Center of the Earth".  The boys were very excited for some action and adventure, but one boy became a little worried when one of the characters in the movie got knocked out.

"Is he dead?!" the worried Alex whispered.

Before I could answer, Nathaniel whispered back, "Nah.  He's a main character.  Main characters don't die."


Thursday, November 20, 2008


I know this will come as a bit of a surprise to a few of you out there. But at the end of the day I am a practical girl. There are times when I am willing to let what I truly want win over practicality, but most days I make the decisions that make the most sense.

It is no secret that I love to travel. It used to be considered a luxury and was filed in the "if we have enough money leftover" category of life. Until I decided it was no longer optional. I was not happy without trips. So it became a line item in the budget instead. Who needs baseboard moulding when you can go to Florida? Twice. In six months. And Illinois, South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and California in between the two trips to Florida.

I may never have a bedroom set, but darn it, we will travel!

Art is beginning to feel the same way to me. I love art. I love casually glancing at it as I walk by. I love studying it for a long time. I love the textures and colors and shadows. I love huge abstracts and I love detailed realistic paintings.

I am constantly falling in love with paintings. I will happily settle for reproductions. But even those, nicely framed, are too much to make a line item. But I want too. A lot.

So far, I have one print that I love. James C. Christensen is the artist. I worked stage crew during college with a guy majoring in art. When he found out I was Mormon, visited friends and family in Utah every year, and DIDN'T know about James C. Christensen, he was properly appalled. Todd fixed my ignorance in that area a year later and one of our first major purchases as a married couple was this:

(Dylan, I get it now. I don't remember your last name, but thanks for pointing me in this direction.)

Last year, at one of the heights of my art lust I called my dear friend, Janice. I LOVE her work. I would love her work even if I didn't love her. But since I love her, it means I love her work more. Anyway, I called and asked if I could buy a print from her of one her drawings. And she mailed me the original as a house warming gift! Seriously. Because she's amazing. Besides being hugely talented, she's warm and kind and loving and generous. (And I would have said that before she gave me her picture.)

I can't find an image of my picture, but check out her website to see some of the beautiful stuff she does. http://www.janicefried.com/

I'm back to my lusting and out of money for it. My favorite paintings by local artists don't have images on line for me to show you, but if anyone is dying to buy me a Christmas present this year and is flush with cash and needs a some gift ideas, here are a few that I wouldn't mind:

I can't get away with wearing it, but I do like a nice paisley. And this one is so happy! It just makes me smile.

If the little boy in this picture had brown hair, it would clearly be a picture of Benjamin when he was little. Or last week. This is how he played then and now. Everything is organized and lined up.

This one feels so very Jane Austen. As if Mr. Darcy/Edward/Mr. Knightly, etc. could come walking through the door at any moment.

Colorful and happy people by one of my town's local artists.

*sigh*" Portrait with Red Berries" is currently at the top of my list. It's just right.

What are some of your favorite works of art?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This week in Ohio there is snow on the ground and it smells fully of winter.

10 days ago in Florida was this:

My niece dozing on her Daddy's shoulder.

Frolicking in WARM waves!

My nephew serious about the sand.

Caleb with a sand castle moat emergency!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Musical Monday

It is snowing here.

I enjoy winter.  I really do.  It's not my favorite, but it has it's charms.  However, I have decided that I need to take a few preemptive measures to ensure that I can stay happy and upbeat throughout the long, sunless months ahead.  (Did you catch all the clever music references in that sentence?) 

I hereby declare today and every future Monday to be "Musical Monday"!  Because, honestly, how can you not feel smiley inside when people are singing and dancing around in front of you?

This first selection is "I'll Cover You" from the movie version of "Rent".  Todd and I briefly considered it as our wedding song, but went with something a little more traditional instead.  ("I Could Write a Book")

As for this song, it makes me happy, if not a little nostalgiac for NYC.  And check out what that guy can do in heels!!  Truly Amazing.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Todd and I have a list of movies that we really enjoy, but are convinced are meant to be watched while smoking pot. (For the record, neither one of us has ever done any illegal drugs.) Anyway, tonight we finally watched "Across the Universe" which I now love love love. Because all you need is love.

Also on our list is anything by Baz Luhrmann, and the movie "Big Fish". I should point out that these are movies which I thoroughly enjoy. But back when we actually went to Blockbuster to rent our movies I felt like the clerk should have said, "Here's your movie. Here's your pot. Enjoy and have a great night!" as part of the checking out process of these cinematic gems.

Here is a delicious taste of tonight's movie:

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Wedding

Nicky-poo's wedding (I've been calling him Nicky-poo for years now. He's too tough to smile in any pictures taken in the last decade, but he responds to Nicky-poo. Go figure...) was a black tie affair. This meant that my boys were the cutest things EVER in their tuxes. I have millions of pictures of the kids and I think one picture of the bride. And none of Nicky-poo my brother-in-law. Because kids are cuter.

Okay, I also took a few pictures of grown ups. Jenny and I left the pool early to begin the transformation process from beach bums to elegant ladies. It took hours.

I told Nick that I loved him so much I would brush my hair before coming to his wedding. Then Jen went wild with a curling iron. It's fun to have sisters in law.

Seriously. Cutest Boys EVER. My three monsters and their cousin, Charlie were the life of the party. They kept the dance floor awesome all night and were completely unabashed in their enthusiastic dancing. I'm so proud.
Check out the totally hot guys I live with. You know you're jealous.

Tell me these ladies aren't gorgeous!! That's my niece and her Momma. Beautiful ladies.

More beautiful girl. It's so nice having a niece to shop for.

What to do when it's just too much party to handle? Pull out the board game you conveniently happened to pack along with you, of course.
You have to like a beautiful bride who is confident enough to be photographed with a pink plastic pig. Welcome to the family, Erica.
Me and Jen post party and back in our comfy pajamas.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This past week, we packed up the car and headed down to Palm Beach, Florida for my brother in law's wedding.

We stopped the first night in Charlotte, NC and were able to visit with some long ago friends from NJ. Even though our children had never met, they all got along swimmingly! After tucking them all away the adults stayed up until midnight to watch election results come in. Despite our different political leanings, everyone was very polite. ( I didn't gloat even once.) Thanks for the hospitality, Seguines!!

We made another stop in Daytona Beach on our way down where our friend Carmella fed us dinner and then we helped her pack boxes. She had people coming that night to load up her moving truck so she could move to California two days later, but she still fed us. What an amazing lady!!

And then we reached our final destination. All I can say is "Wow". Seriously. Wow. We were staying in a condo right across the street from the Ritz-Carlton. The hotel came in and built right in front of the condos, so everyone who lives there gets to use the hotel amenities as payback.

I would just like to say that I am totally good with this arrangement. I mean, it's really tough having someone rush in to spread five towels over your chaise lounge and making sure that the umbrella is just the way you want it. Oh, and someone has to eat and drink all of the yummies that the deliciously tanned boys walk around serving all day. And it would be a shame if those gorgeous salt water pools right next to the ocean went to waste! Somebody has to lounge in them, right?! Don't you worry. My family and I did our level best to make sure that it was all done. No need to thank us. We were happy to make the sacrifice.
Nathaniel and Caleb having fun with "Grampy", who looks way too young in this picture to be a Grandpa at all. Let alone a Grandpa seven times over.

Todd and Caleb relaxing on their "Pirate Ship" until Uncle Brit and Nathaniel came to attack!
Caleb completely understands the life of leisure. He didn't have any problems adjusting to having several members of the staff assist him with his every need. That's MY kid.

Todd would sing the tune of "Brown Eyed Girl" to the words "You my bug-eyed girl" every time he saw me in my sunglasses. If he weren't so endearing, I'd slap him.

Benjamin showing off the latest hole in his mouth. Apparently, my kids only know how to lose teeth while on vacation.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Broads

Do you see these lovely ladies?! 

 I adore each and every one of them.  There are more wonderful broads not pictured here.  One of these days we will manage a real group picture.  For now this partial one is all I have and it makes me smile to look at it.  I could not have asked for a more wonderful bunch of ladies to know.  I am a better person for knowing them.  Love you lots, my broads.  

(Pictured and unpictured, alike.)