Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's a good thing...

...that Todd is getting back from a business trip tonight, because otherwise Caleb might not make it through another day.  It has been a couple of those types of days with him that remind me how incredibly difficult parenting can be.

...that macarons are too expensive and too far away to get very often.  They are a delectable gluten free treat.

...that all of the kids are nearly asleep, because I need to go to bed, too (after I quickly pick up the living room so Todd doesn't come in late tonight to a complete disaster.  A semi-disaster I'm fine with.)

...that Lilyanna is so stinkin' cute.  She is as precocious with the terrible twos and the accompanying tantrums as she has been with every other milestone.  She has also recently decided that she's too cool for her high chair.  The crib, she loves.  The high chair, no dice.  (Also, she's upstairs right this minute teasing her 11 year old brother by calling him Benjabooboo. It's very cute to listen to him protest against her adorable little voice calling him by his hated childhood nickname.)

...that chickens have some instincts, because otherwise, we'd be sure to kill them off with our wacky schedules.

...that I have a blog to catch all the wispy thoughts I have floating around in my tired brain, so I can look back and remember them some day.

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Trish said...

Having a girl is a lot of fun huh? I also think being a little older when your kids are younger makes you appreciate the milestones a bit more.