Monday, June 24, 2013

I Promise I'm Not Beating My Child

Look at this cute girl hugging her stuffed animals. I try to take pictures like this to remind myself when she is throwing her thrice daily enormous and dramatic tantrums that she can also be sweet.

This morning was a full 20 minutes of out and out SCREAMING!  Screaming like there should have at the very least been a severed limb involved. Screaming like even though the windows are closed and the air conditioning and fans are on, I was still worried neighbors would hear and be convinced I was beating my child.

The reason for the drama?

I wouldn't let her have fruit snacks for breakfast.

Oh, the horror!!

Another truly notable time was because I didn't have the right amount of milk for her cereal. Although that day was lovely outside, so all the windows were open.

Two days ago it was because she couldn't find the right shirt to wear to the playground. Then the right pants. After that it was about the shoes.

Those people who told me girls were easier than boys?

They lied.