Friday, November 14, 2008

The Wedding

Nicky-poo's wedding (I've been calling him Nicky-poo for years now. He's too tough to smile in any pictures taken in the last decade, but he responds to Nicky-poo. Go figure...) was a black tie affair. This meant that my boys were the cutest things EVER in their tuxes. I have millions of pictures of the kids and I think one picture of the bride. And none of Nicky-poo my brother-in-law. Because kids are cuter.

Okay, I also took a few pictures of grown ups. Jenny and I left the pool early to begin the transformation process from beach bums to elegant ladies. It took hours.

I told Nick that I loved him so much I would brush my hair before coming to his wedding. Then Jen went wild with a curling iron. It's fun to have sisters in law.

Seriously. Cutest Boys EVER. My three monsters and their cousin, Charlie were the life of the party. They kept the dance floor awesome all night and were completely unabashed in their enthusiastic dancing. I'm so proud.
Check out the totally hot guys I live with. You know you're jealous.

Tell me these ladies aren't gorgeous!! That's my niece and her Momma. Beautiful ladies.

More beautiful girl. It's so nice having a niece to shop for.

What to do when it's just too much party to handle? Pull out the board game you conveniently happened to pack along with you, of course.
You have to like a beautiful bride who is confident enough to be photographed with a pink plastic pig. Welcome to the family, Erica.
Me and Jen post party and back in our comfy pajamas.


Heather A said...

Looks like fun! I love the tennies!

Beth said...

You're right. Nathaniel really is too cool for your family. Those shoes are the best. You all look smokin'!

Anne Marie said...

Love all the pictures! The bride looks gorgeous. And, I really like that blue dress you're wearing. The boys look darling in the tuxes.

Emilia said...

Thanks, all. Anne Marie, you are welcome to borrow it any time you have a need...though it's probably to big for you. Heck, you're welcome to borrow it if you don't have a need and just want to wear a whole lot of taffeta. Maybe I'll don it the next time I have to vacuum....

Marcia Mickelson said...

Very cute boys in tuxes. I love the Converse sneakers. So cute, but hey! I want to see pictures of Nick. Can't believe you don't have any. Where can I see pictures of Nick? I haven't seen that kid in like years.

Emilia said...

Marcia, you'll have to ask Jenny for pics. I seriously have nothing of him. It's ridiculous.