Saturday, November 22, 2008

Movie Buff in Training

I've always enjoyed going to movies.  I considered it something of a luxury, though, and didn't do it too terribly often even as a teenager.  Part of the problem was that NJ movie ticket prices are cost-prohibitive.  So when I went to see a movie I was happy to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.  

Todd on the other hand is a walking encyclopedia about movies.  IMDB is a verb in our house.  We'd never seen a movie together before we were married, so I was unprepared for life with my own personal movie critic.  He's critical, but he's usually dead on.  (I eventually made a rule that he wasn't allowed to critique the movie until AFTER it was over.)  He can also tell you every actor or actress and what else they've been in and who they're related to and all sorts of other details that it never occurred to me to know.  

It's partially living with him, but mostly because we live by a dollar theater here in Ohio (50 cents on Mondays!!), that my kids see way more movies than I ever did.  I hadn't considered how this would affect their perspectives on life until last week.

I had charge of my three boys and two of their friends one cold and gray afternoon, so we decided to go see "Journey to the Center of the Earth".  The boys were very excited for some action and adventure, but one boy became a little worried when one of the characters in the movie got knocked out.

"Is he dead?!" the worried Alex whispered.

Before I could answer, Nathaniel whispered back, "Nah.  He's a main character.  Main characters don't die."


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