Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Election Day in the Smith House

When Todd and I were first married we were a little more in line politically speaking. Still different, but not quite as different.  I was a bit more conservative and he was a little less so.

One of the things about marrying young is that you get to grow into adulthood together. In the process I've gone more left, and he more right. Happily we still love each other and more importantly like and respect one another through it all.

While typically Ohio is a political hotbed, this particular election day in our town there's nothing very exciting. School board members, etc. The only thing that I really care about is voting for more funding for our amazing library.  I wasn't sure if the election was even on my sweet husband's radar.

Here is a conversation he and I had last night before bed that sums things up pretty well:

Me: Are you going to vote tomorrow?
Todd: Oh, yeah. I guess I have to go just to cancel out your vote.
Me: I'm planning on tripping you when you walk out the door to the polling place.  Just so you know.

And there you have it.

I'm secretly hoping that the fact that it's so dark when he gets out of work now will make him just come home instead. I'm torn between wanting him to be an upstanding citizen and wanting him to NOT cancel out my vote. ;)

And just for because, here is my favorite voting song:

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