Sunday, October 13, 2013

"There's nothing more inconvenient than a queen with a head cold!"

The quote from above, in case you didn't recognize it, was uttered by Robert Preston's character in Victor Victoria and I think about it every time I get a cold. It helps me giggle through all of the not so fun symptoms.
While not entirely recovered from walking pneumonia that we contracted in August, we have managed to come down with head colds. The above picture, for the record, is no longer an accurate representation of things at our house. Although, in our early years of marriage, it was closer to the truth. ;)

Lilyanna and I are home sick from church today. She can't go into the nursery with her current symptoms and taking her to Sacrament Meeting without allowing her to go to nursery afterwards is the cruelest torture we could ever inflict upon her. Yes, we've tried it before.

She and I are celebrating the Sabbath here at home. We have a deal. I get to listen to a few chapters of scripture while she plays quietly, and then we get to watch a Veggie Tales episode while cuddling under a blanket.

And now I need to go find another tissue box.

Happy Sabbath!

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