Monday, October 14, 2013

Mars and Venus

I've previously mentioned how bad Todd is at noticing hair cuts, etc.  I typically will text him from the hairdresser to remind him that he needs to comment (nicely) on my hair when I get home.

This sweet husband of mine had a day off today and offered to watch the kids so I could have the day off, too! I booked myself a hair appointment and assembled some friends for lunch to make it a truly happy day.

When I got home this afternoon (after getting 4 inches cut off and a whole lot of high and low lights), the only person who noticed my hair was Lilyanna. Lilyanna is 3 and has been delirious from a high fever most of today.  The delirious 3 year old noticed my hair but not EVERY SINGLE MALE living in my house!

At dinner after I'd been home for 4 hours and they still hadn't noticed, I announced at the dinner table that they were all in trouble.  Todd immediately repented and gushed compliments. Caleb said, "Oh, yeah, I noticed the color, I just forgot to say something." Nathaniel dug himself a deeper hole by saying, "How could I notice? It looks exactly the same!" Followed by, "You always wear your hair up, how am I supposed to tell that it's shorter?"  Benjamin redeemed himself slightly by warning Nathaniel to stop talking, and to never repeat any of those statements to any girl friends.  So there's hope there.



Mom24 said...

Sorry. I did notice Monday and meant to say something, but then I got distracted by my irritation with my boy and forgot. It looked very nice. :)

Emilia Smith said...

Ha! You're not in trouble for not noticing. Just my family. ;)