Friday, October 18, 2013

Disturbing trends

Do you see this?

This ear stretching thing grosses me out. I can't look at it, actually.  When I go into a place of business and am helped or served by someone with this type of thing in their ear, I can't look at their head.  I'm sure they're very nice people, in fact some of THE nicest sales people I've ever had wear this in their ears. I'm not passing judgement on them as people, I just can't look at it.

 In other words, it's not them. It's me.

A young man just knocked on my door to try to sell me something who had these gauges in his ear, and I can't even tell you what he was selling because I was trying to get the door closed so fast.

I don't have my own ears even pierced.  Not once!  I've never been a fan of putting holes in my body that don't naturally occur. And this style is such an extreme of that idea, that I can't stomach it.

So, I apologize if you've been trying to talk to me and I seem distracted. I'm trying not to be sick. Or stick my finger in your ear lobe and pull really hard.  (It's an impulse I constantly fight.  Even with long dangly earrings.)


Valerie said...

Oh my, that is just how I feel! I never pierced my ears for the same reason, no more holes then already exist, thank you very much :)

And have you seen when a person who has had these rings and then taken them out? It's a little weird...

Beth said...

I totally agree as well. I find these earlobe plugs totally gross and once a person starts this path, it can't be undone. I like the solid plugs a teensy bit better because then I can pretend that it is just a really thick round earring, but when they have a hole in the middle and you can look through them, it's creepy.