Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why 2013 is a bad year to be a pet in the Smith's house:

Yesterday we lost a beloved member of our family. Florida the Hamster. She was an early Christmas gift from Nathaniel and Benjamin to Caleb 2 years ago.  She was the offspring of Benjamin's classroom pet who came from the pet store and SURPRISE! gave birth a few weeks later.  I think mostly because she was handled a lot by the classroom students right from the beginning, she was one of the sweetest hamsters I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.  She was always very happy to be held and cuddle.  We will miss her a lot, but are happy that she died peacefully and we found her quickly thereafter. 
Caleb asked for a picture with her before he buried her next to Nico, the Hedgehog in the backyard.

Given the current stats on pets in our house in the last few months, I have to wonder if Gimli, the dwarf hamster, is starting to feel a little bit nervous...

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