Thursday, October 17, 2013

And I owe it all...

to PBS Kids.

Lately, Lilyanna has been pointing out and correctly identifying letters everywhere. I figured it was a byproduct of her brother being homeschooled...even though we don't really practice individual letters except for cursive.

She's been sick for the last few days. Today she finally feels well enough to be bored with being sick, but not well enough to get up and play. This was yesterday:

She slept for 20 hrs yesterday. Literally. I would wake her up every now and again to try to make her eat and drink and take her temperature, but other than that, she slept in my arms most of the day.

Anyway, this morning she asked if she could watch netflix. After some Angelina Ballerina, she asked for Super Why. I've never actually watched this show before. It's a show I let her watch so I can take a shower or help Caleb with work when he needs it's quiet.  Turns out her academic brilliance thus far is thanks to PBS Kids.

I feel decidedly less brilliant now.

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