Monday, March 11, 2013

Nathaniel's Been Holding Out on Us!

Nathaniel doesn't love performing. He enjoys everything else about theater, except the actual performing. And yet, this year especially, he keeps throwing himself at it as if he's determined to find the right formula to conquer this fear. When I saw him perform last week in the 5th grade production of Cinderella, I was SO proud of him. He didn't seem nearly as nervous for this production as I've seen him with others in years past.

Also, he SANG! Nathaniel has always had a deep voice, even as a baby. So, while other kids can happily sing along to chirpy "kids' music" that was never easy for him. He often just gives up and sings at sort of a low monotone leading the rest of the family to feel sort of bad for him being the one Smith kid who doesn't really sing.

But, here on video, I have proof that he CAN do it! He can match pitches, AND sing high, AND harmonize! (This was the evening production, and he was a little more nervous for this one, so he was running out of air at the beginning, but that didn't happen in the day time production.)

On top of all this, he's performing in a different production this week. No singing in this play, but he's really looking forward to only worrying about lines for one show now. (He's been working on both shows for the last couple of months.)

Super proud this kid!

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