Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Oracle Book

This Oracle book has followed us from place to place through most of our marriage.  It is really heavy. And takes up way too much room on a bookshelf. AND it is useless. Todd used it for a little bit 14 or 15 years ago. For a while back when he was working in NYC I convinced him to store it at the office. When we moved here, he brought it home (the company had sent all the stuff from his office in NYC to his office here in Ohio).  About 5 years ago, the rope on one of our windows broke making it so if we wanted it open, we had to wedge something in it to hold the window open. I grabbed this beauty off the shelf (where is was taking up the space of FIVE books!) and decided I didn't hate it anymore since it was serving a purpose. The oracle book has served in the Holding the Dining Room Window open position for years now. Today I grabbed it and gave it a new job. Today it was The Ham is Just a Little Too Big for the Crock Pot and I Need Something to Weigh it Down.  Oracle came to my rescue! (And the ham was moist and delicious.) I'm becoming more fond of Oracle 8i as the years go on.  It may be obsolete in the computer world, but it's part of our family now. 

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Danielle Bailey said...

That's some handy book right there. Funny how you've found other uses for it. While it's nice to remedy a defective window with just some thick, heavyset book, it's probably better to replace the window in the long run. Newer windows are more energy efficient, which helps you save monthly energy bills and less maintenance free compared to older windows.

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