Monday, November 5, 2012


Last week at the last minute I decided to enter a lullaby contest.  Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, my entry was seven minutes late, so it didn't count.  I had to choose one of the 6 songs they offered (all in the public domain).  I like Stephen Foster as much as the next person, but this is a silly song for a lullaby.  It's all about waking someone up!

However, it was the one with the fewest entries and those that were there were not well done.  Not that this is any prize either, but it does actually follow the melody that Stephen Foster wrote.

It was fun to perform again, if only for the 3 people who follow this blog. ;)


Mom24 said...

Bummer about technical coulda been a contenda. :)

Heather Snediker-Morscheck said...


Donna said...

I love that song. You sing it so beautifully!