Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 Things Tuesday

1. I am done Christmas shopping for Benjamin and Lilyanna and am very excited about their presents!  I will be done with the other kids next week.

2. The laundry in this house may devour us all.  Clean laundry, mind you.  The approaching storm made us get laundry clean just in case we lost power (something we do with alarming regularity in this neighborhood every time there is a healthy breeze).

3. Speaking of the approaching storm, I have been something of a nervous wreck for the last few days.  Watching all of my favorite Jersey shore boardwalks, beach towns and haunts get pummeled, not to mention the crazy things going on in North Jersey and NYC, has made me all edgy.  It has taken everything in me to not be in constant communication with friends and relatives in our home state to check in on them. Instead I frequently check in on facebook for updates and keep my phone at hand at all times to check for texts letting us know how everything is going there. I didn't know how to verbalize this anxiety to anyone, until I saw my friend today at preschool drop-off.  She is from NJ, too, and has friends and relatives all along the coast as well.  She totally got it. (Thanks, Val!)

4. Last week I read three books.  This may help explain the massive piles of bags of clean laundry.

5. I'm going to attempt to make gluten free homemade oreos or gluten free homemade twix.  If you clicked on either of those links, you'll see that they aren't actually gf.  I will make a gf sugar cookie mix and go from there.  If they work, I will shout from the rooftops...and possibly gain 5lbs because oreos and twix are two of my favorite things and I've gone without them for more than a year!

6. I do not like candy corn, but every year I find myself snitching a couple just to make sure that is still true.  It's been 36 years.  It seems like at this point I should just accept it.

7. This year I forced Caleb to take tap dance.  I am mean like that.  However, two of his favorite friends signed up as well, so it's become one of the things that he looks forward to each week.  And he practices all week long.  I'm very happy about his happiness.  However, I now have not one, but TWO children who tap dance in the shower!

8. Today it snowed.  Tomorrow we Trick-or-Treat.  I have plans to do cute Halloween dinner things like this and this.  We'll see if that all comes together.

9. I love my belly dancing class and am so glad Heather the Awesome suggested it to me all those years ago.  It's been fun to learn something new and learn a different type of dancing than I've ever been exposed to before.

10. I am obsessed with Private Selection Cherry Cordial Hot Chocolate Mix at Kroger right now.  (Smith's probably has it, too, western folk.)  It warms my tummy every night lately. Try it.

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Valerie said...

The pictures tonight were terrible-- but by some miracle Cape May was spared! I don't always love what Chris Christie says, but he said the most adorable things about the Jersey shore today. We can talk again on Friday:)