Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mr. Smith Talks Like Washington

Today after getting stuck in traffic for what feels like the gazillionth time in this election season, I called my husband and we had this conversation:

Me: Your candidate or his running mate are in town and made my commute back from the orthodontist this afternoon TERRIBLE!

Him: It was Romney.  He was at Worthington Industries today.

Me: We just happened to be able to inch off the highway to get on the other highway and lucked out that it was only closed going the other direction. So we were only stuck an extra 20 minutes.

Him: I'd rather my commute time go up a few times a year because of my candidate than my taxes go up (which they already have) because of yours.

Me: [Much laughter] And there's your political slogan, my dear. You're ready for office!

For the record, this is the most politically charged conversation we have had maybe ever.  Early on in our marriage it was very clear that we did not lean in the same political directions.  We respect one another enough to not try to argue our positions.  If pressed, we can both calmly explain why we make the choices we make.  I know that Todd is very thoughtful in all of his decisions, so I don't feel the need to try to think for him.  I'm not sure if that's why he doesn't try to change me, or if it's just because he knows how stubborn I am. ;)

It always surprises me when others are surprised that we vote on things differently and that we are okay as a couple.  It never even occurred to me that politics might be a problem in a relationship.  Perhaps another one of the advantages of marrying young before you really know anything about the world.  Whatever the reason, our home is a calm port in the face of the political tempest that brews outside our door this time of year.  I'm grateful for the very large part Todd plays in making it so. 


Tricia said...

Are you guys coming to watch results with me again this year? Should be more exciting than 08 regardless!

Emilia said...

haha! no, Tricia, but enjoy! Btw, I just downloaded this for the kids and I to do (I wish I'd known about it sooner!) Anyway, just wanted to share in case you might be interested.

Susan said...

Don't know if you saw a comment I left on one of Todd's posts this week, but I was amused to learn that your political leanings are exactly like the ones in our home. Since we just celebrated our 25th anniversary, I think it's clear that it hasn't been a problem for us, either. We know how to disagree without disrespect. But that is a skill that our society seems to have lost in recent years.