Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10 Things Tuesday

I need a meme to get me to step back into blogging.  So this is it for now.

1. Homeschooling is going much better than I anticipated, thanks for asking.  A friend told me that the first couple of months should just be a throw away, but I don't feel like that at all.  We're in a routine.  A crazy and chaotic routine most of the time, but a routine nonetheless.  Nathaniel still goes over to the school for gym, art, music, advanced math, choir, and strings.  Which means that he runs back and forth between the school and home all day long, but is actually challenged this year. Caleb goes to the school still for art and music but goes to a local rec center for homeschool gym.  One of these days I'll do a whole post devoted to the curriculum and supplies we use, just because I found it so incredibly helpful to read what others were using.

2.  Lilyanna is doing a little ballet class and in a totally last minute thing a few weeks ago is also now in preschool!  A friend of ours has a little guy who is six weeks older than Lilyanna.  When I saw on her blog that he was doing preschool, I quickly emailed her looking for the details.  It turned out Lilyanna was too young for the class, BUT my friend mentioned it to the teacher who said that they weren't full so they would be willing to bend the rules a bit!!  Yay!  Anyway, my incredibly social child is thrilled to be hanging out with other kids a couple mornings each week instead of with boring me.

3.  Caleb was diagnosed with a visual processing disorder a few months ago.  This explained a lot of things, and helped us to understand some things about the way he learns better than anything else.  Because of this, we go to vision therapy for an hour every week.  Caleb loves it and I get an hour to read.  I always bring a book, but end up reading the office copy of People magazine cover to cover.  It's like a drug.  I pick it up to look on the front cover and then it's been an hour and the therapist needs to talk to me to give me homework for the week with Caleb.  I'm not proud of this problem.  But I suppose there are worse things to get sucked into.

4. I am exhausted by politics.  I have hit some kind of information/question overload and as a female Mormon Democrat who lives in Franklin County, Ohio the ENTIRE WORLD wants to speak with me!  I'm done.

5.  I hate cleaning.

6.  I love Pinterest.  It's fun and I've actually done a few of the projects and made a few of the recipes I pinned.  I feel this is key to actually spending time on Pinterest. ;)

7.  We saw a family of deer walking down our street this morning.  It was lovely with all the fallen leaves and sunshine and made me smile.

8.  I am awesome at road trips with kids.  I should write a post about that.  Seriously, people.  I know things.

9.  My carefully orchestrated piano teaching schedule has recently collided with my carefully orchestrated schedule for my kids' dance classes.  I feel like all scheduling hell has broken loose and I'm just trying to grab at wisps of former orderliness in the mess of it all.  It will all be fine, of course. This is not a real problem.

10.  I want to spend more time outside, but I always feel pressed by so many things inside.  You would think homeschooling would make it easier to be outside.  I have not found this to be the case.  When one is homeschooling a child with some pretty intense attention issues that whole "Squirrel!" type distraction is far more than an amusing catch phrase.

See you next Tuesday...or sooner...


Tricia said...

Can't wait for your homeschool post. And I agree, I thought I would have more time for stuff around the house--not happening.

Valerie said...

Preschool rocks!

Susan said...

On point #3: My best friend from childhood told me that right after college, when she and several friends shared an apartment in Chicago, they subscribed to several erudite magazines and People. Everyone who came in mocked them for having People magazine on their coffee table....then promptly picked it up and got lost in it. Not the high class magazines, just People.

You're right: it is addicting!

Emilia said...

Susan, that is comforting to me.