Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brotherly Dynamics

Nathaniel and Caleb are about as different as two brothers could possibly be.  Coloring, body type, personality, interests (with the exception of Legos and Pokemon) are all opposite.  It often leads to arguing all day long and in fact over spring break I was sorely tempted to put them in separate rooms for the duration and not let them out until Todd got home from his business trip.  I didn't, though.  So instead I spent all of Spring Break mediating fights between the two of them.  I'm sure anyone who has more than one child has had those moments.  And most of us manage somehow to not eat our young, though it makes me more understanding again of those animals that do.  

The other night we went out to dinner for Caleb's birthday.  The children were brought cups with plastic lids on top "to keep them from spilling" which has never prevented my kids from spilling in the history of ever.  But I digress.  Somehow, halfway through the meal Nathaniel lost his straw.  I'm not sure how it's possible to lose one's straw while one has it right in front of one, but nonetheless, the straw went missing.  And my genius child looks at the cup with the plastic lid and says, "Well now how am I supposed to drink??"

Caleb regarded his brother without rolling his eyes and without sounding like a know-it-all said, "Nathaniel, take off the lid."

To which Nathaniel responded, "Oh.  Yeah.  That would work."  As if that idea had never occurred to him.

I guess it's a very good thing that they are totally different kids.  Otherwise, Nathaniel might have died of thirst .

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