Friday, April 29, 2011

That's my kid.

A few weeks ago, a friend of ours told me the following story about Caleb in Primary. (The equivalent to Sunday School for the kids age 3-11 in our church.)

Teacher: And we don't say bad words.
Caleb: You mean like Damn?
Teacher: Yes, Caleb, that's an example of a bad word that we don't say.
Caleb to a friend: That's my favorite word!!

According to our friend, Caleb's teachers did not laugh at this.  Our friend on the other hand was highly amused. It takes a special person to appreciate Caleb's awesomeness.


MTodd said...

Damn! That's funny!

epuckett said...

Damn! That's my favorite word, too! I noticed that Caleb is reference 64 times in your blog, much more than anyone or anything else. Now that takes an awesome kid to attain that level!

Jennifer Cox said...

That's funny. I find Bridget is obsessed with knowing what the are bads words so she can't say them again. She even makes up words then asks, "is that at bad word?", "no Bridget it's not even a word, unless you are dr. suess." It's funnier when she spells them. Damn is dam...she thinks we are referring to
beaver dam. That's from my very literal child.