Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mr. Footsteps

2011: Must blog more.

With this in mind, I found this picture from last June when Benjamin was literally crowned "Mr. Footsteps" at his recital.  His studio gives this award to one of the boys at the studio each year who they feel has exemplified some quality that "makes Jesus smile".  Benjamin was selected for last year because of his incredible individuality.  Mentioned by the studio director were some of his fearless fashion choices, but also how he remains true to what he knows is right.

We already know these things about Benjamin, but it's nice to get a crown, scepter, and sash as proof that other people see them, too.

I promise that's a costume under the sash and not further proof of the fearless fashion choices.


Mom24 said...

That's awesome. I hope he can keep listening to that inner voice--that's the key, isn't it?

Is your Chihuly pic from Franklin Park or the Children's Museum? Beautiful.

Anne Marie said...

Yeah! Please blog more in 2011! Way to go, Benjamin. I love the notion of his "incredible individuality". Happy New Year, friend! I was thinking of your family last night....I always adored those New year parties at your parents' house. While our New Year celebrations are not nearly as involved, we always buy an incredible amount of confetti and noisemakers thanks to your parents' standard for new years' parties.

Emilia said...

Stacey: Franklin Park

Anne Marie: ME TOO!! When I grow up, I want to be as fun as my parents!!