Monday, January 3, 2011

Boston in the Fall!

Do you see that gorgeous lady and her gorgeous baby?
Not me and Lilyanna, the OTHER gorgeous lady and gorgeous baby, silly!  ;)
They are some of my favoritest people in the universe.  The husband/dad that go with them is in that category, too, but he was too busy taking pictures to be in the pictures.

I had a plane ticket to use before December, so when I thought of who I could go visit who lived in the same time zone, Liz and her family jumped right into my mind!  We haven't seen one another since right before we moved to Ohio back when Caleb was a baby!  And when I emailed Liz, whom I've known and loved for more than two decades now, and suggested that my baby and I should come invade their life and home for a weekend, she said, "YES!!"  Because she is wonderful and warm and welcoming like that.  To hear her tell it, she's not like that with everyone, but I don't know if I believe her... 

Here is Lilyanna showing Mr. B how the walking thing is done.  

Here is Mr. B being not so sure about Lilyanna invading his space.

It was very sweet to get our kids together to play a little, and even better to have a relaxing weekend visiting with old friends.  Being with old friends always reminds me about all the stories we could tell our children about one another that for now we don't.  I'm sure someday we'll share some, but for now, these kids wouldn't appreciate hearing about our wilder days anyway.  (I have a 10 year old, though, who would LOVE to hear the socky-time story...  See?  This is what I mean.  Some things people don't need to know.  They should just stay buried in 1986 where they belong.)

  And, we went to the beach!!  I have no pictures of that because it was really very cold.  However, I discovered that Lilyanna enjoys sand, water, and chasing seagulls.  I find all of these likes very encouraging for future beach going!  And I was able to visit with my beautiful, brilliant AND nice cousin.  (Seriously, is it really fair to have ALL of those qualities.  Almost Dr. Jen, can't  you share a little with the rest of us??)

Many thanks to my wondermous friend, Liz and her husband and baby for a delightful and relaxing weekend!

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Ruth Marino And Becky Zatloukal said...

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Thank You,