Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Newborn Lilyanna

I have all of the wonderful intentions and supplies to make pretty scrapbooks, but I just don't have or don't make the time to do it.  All my other kids are only 1 year old in their books.  I loaded up these pics to shutterfly right after Lilyanna was born and did nothing with them.  Today before I logged out from doing something else, it autofilled these for me.  I added a few captions, switched a few pictures to different places, found a coupon for free shipping and ordered it.  I would love to devote days and days to creating a one of a kind piece of artwork for Lilyanna's scrapbook, but that is not the reality of my life right now.  So for now, I will appreciate this feature and I think the rest of my kids will, too.


Anne Marie said...

So precious. I love all the pictures of you with Lilyanna, especially the one on page 26. So good to see you and it's so clear you're crazy in love with that little sweetie, right from the beginning. Friend, this is very dangerous for me to look at all these newborn and mama pics...I have been feeling so resolved about being done having kids, but those pictures remind me of the incredible magic that comes with each little person that enters my life.

Emilia said...

Anne Marie, I've never been particularly baby hungry, and ESPECIALLY wasn't this time around. Nevertheless, I'm so glad she forced her way into our family. ;)

Just remember all the bed rest you endured and instead of having another one, you can come visit here and sleep in Lilyanna's room with her. (and wake up at 12, 2, and 4.)