Saturday, April 25, 2009

We Love New York!! (except J)

On the steps above the TKTS booth, post matinee.

J and a wall of guitars at the Hard Rock Cafe. (Caleb tried to climb the wall.)

Benjamin was amused by the apparent pigeon convention.

Me and Caleb in our car of the Ferris Wheel.

For Spring break, we Smiths drove to NJ to see friends and family and Broadway shows! J loves theater, so we were especially excited to take him to see a show on Broadway and to NYC for the first time.

The day we headed into the city was sunny/cloudy/rainy/snowy. Typical spring. The little boys were so excited. They remembered NYC from last time. We tried taking them in a lot when we lived in NJ, but they were so young when we moved that they don't really remember it. Benjamin has a few memories, but the others don't really.

We took the PATH from Jersey City to NYC. And then walked from Penn Station up to Times Square. Todd was so happy to be back in the city. He has always loved the sights, sounds, and smells. The crowds, the rush, the everything about it. Todd was happy.

We divided paths when we got up to the TKTS booth. Todd and J went to stand in line at the booth and I took the little boys to the Toys R Us at Times Square. Caleb and I went on the big fun Ferris Wheel. Nathaniel and Benjamin were still too traumatized from the Chicago incident to consider it.

Afterwards, we decided to get lunch while poor Todd was still in line at the TKTS booth. J asked if we could go to the Hard Rock Cafe. Todd and I were about to say "but it's tourist food" when we remembered that we are tourists now, and it was fine. We were happy to give him the experience. He was a little surprised by the prices of food and asked quietly if it was okay to order a $15 hamburger. To which I replied, "eh. It's midtown. That's what hamburgers cost."

Afterwards, J and I went to see "Avenue Q", and Todd took the little boys to see "The 39 Steps". Everyone enjoyed their respective shows. And then we met back at the TKTS so Todd could take the boys back to NJ and I could stay and see Rupert Everett!!! More on him in the next post.

The little boys loved the city! J did not. It was complete and total sensory overload for him. To the point that upon returning home, he decided that acting was no longer a viable career option.

Benjamin was the most city savvy. He remembered all the maneuvering in and around crowds. Nathaniel (who is hyper-sensitive to the fact that he can't be around cigarette smoke) after holding his breath for the gazillionth time shouted an exasperated, "AGGHH!! Does EVERYONE in New York City smoke?!"

All in all it was a fun adventure, but perhaps in the future we'll take in one or two kids at a time so it's a little less chaotic.

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