Saturday, April 25, 2009


I had an hour to kill between seeing a matinee with my family and meeting with friends for an evening performance of "Blithe Spirit". Todd took the kids back to NJ to feed them and put them to bed, so I could have adventures in the city with my friends.

With some time to kill, I decided to walk back down to Macy's to see what the "Spring Flower Show" was all about. I stayed in for about five minutes. It was crowded full of people looking at Flamingos made from fake flowers. They were admittedly pretty fabulous, but not worth the crowds and same old stuff you could get at any Macy's.

The thing that was amusing, though, is my Father in Law's latest gig is doing finances for a company that makes "permanent botanical" arrangements.

"Permanent Botanical" are what those in the biz like to call fake plants. Just like my husband does "direct marketing" and not junk mail.

So, here's to Permanent Botanicals in the shape of Flamingos!! Macy's and I salute you!

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