Saturday, April 25, 2009


We are overrun with grain moths every spring. The nasty little buggers are gross, but an excellent excuse to clean out all the cabinets with exactness. I used to try to time the cleaning with Passover, so I could get all the chametz out of the house along with so many other people. It somehow made me feel more connected to a higher purpose than just doing it from a hatred of grain moths.

But this year we were in NJ for Passover, so that didn't happen. And we were so busy upon arriving home that I never got around to it. But the time has come. I realized today that the grain moths have become a little too much a part of our daily routine when Todd told me this story:

"Caleb had cereal first, and then decided to have some of the leftover French Toast from last night. He took a couple of bites and then said, 'I'll leave the French Toast for the grain moths.' and walked away from the table to go play."

I guess I know what priority number one for next week's project list will be.

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