Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

Benjamin turned NINE years old yesterday!!  Unbelievable.

Here are nine of my most favorite things about Benjamin at the moment:

1.  Benjamin is extremely affectionate.  He's all arms and legs and elbows and knees, so the effect is sort of like a greyhound who thinks it's a lapdog, but I love that Benjamin is never too cool to give me hugs and kisses.

2.  Benjamin is so tender hearted.  He usually considers the needs and desires of his friends, classmates, and brothers as he is making decisions.

3.  Benjamin is cautious, but willing to try new things for the sake of experience.  He recently decided to audition for a professional show, knowing that the odds were against him getting in.  But he wanted to know what it was like, so he endured hours of audition time.

4.  Benjamin loves to read.  I love love love finding him in bed late at night wrapped up in a story!  (I don't love his grouchiness the next day, but that's okay.  I totally get the need to stay up late and read.)

5.  Benjamin is wildly creative.  The schemes and plans and stories and inventions, and plays that kid comes up with are AMAZING.

6.  I love him for this story.  And this one.  And especially this one.

7.  I love that he's excited by learning.  Especially about science and history and reading.

8.  I love that Benjamin is the worst liar in the history of forever.  With the possible exception of Todd.  Benjamin hasn't even tried telling a lie in years because he thinks I have magical powers to see through his stories.  Really, he's just physically incapable of being dishonest.

9.  I love that Benjamin is ours.  That he lets our family love him and help him grow.  I love that he is a good friend, brother, and son to all those around him.

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

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