Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Everyone at my house has been throwing up lately.  It's all the rage.

Monday night, Benjamin came home from school not feeling well.  He seemed more upset than usual about the prospect of missing school the next day.   Silly me assumed there was a class party or some such really fun thing that he didn't want to miss.   Here was the conversation:

Me:  What's so special about school tomorrow that you don't want to miss it?

Benjamin:  I have library tomorrow.

Me: Um.  Okay.  What special thing is going on in library?

Benjamin:  I REALLY want to get that video out that teaches all about nuclear energy!  It looks really great, Mom!

Me:  Seriously?

Benjamin:  ... [withering stare]

Where did he come from?!  It's a mystery.  


Anne Marie said...

Hope everyone gets feeling better soon! Have you ever used peppermint tea for an upset stomach? Works great, and the kids love it mixed with honey. Your Benjamin cracks me up!

Damian said...

I looked at that picture and, in about half a second, before I read any words, I thought "that looks like a nuclear power plant design".

I scare myself sometimes.

Emilia said...

Annekin- thanks for the tea tip. Though I'm not sure it will help much in this case. The whole neighborhood is enjoying this together. Talk about bonding.

Damian- Only sometimes?

Jenn said...

Maybe he takes after Todd???

Emilia said...

Ha! When I told Todd, he thumped his chest and said, "MY son."