Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I would like to share a moment of joy with you all which will probably doom me to auto ruin.
We have been paying for this van since just before Caleb arrived in our family. When we bought it, I patted my pregnant belly and said, "When you turn 5, I will throw you a HUGE birthday party, baby! I'll be so excited to be done paying for a car, you can have whatever you want!"
My enthusiasm has waned. Especially since I just wrote a check for this month's preschool payment.
But besides all of the mundane to and froms this van does, it's also gone:
- between Columbus, OH and New Jersey so many times I've lost track.
- from NJ to Boston
- from Ohio to NC
- from Ohio to FL. Twice. In six months.
- from Ohio to WY and UT. Three times.
- from Ohio to Chicago
- from Ohio to South Dakota
Who knows where it will go next? (Well, actually, it's going back to NJ in April. But after that, I'm not sure.)
Now I'm going to go knock on as many wooden things as I can to keep the van from breaking down now that we officially own it. Do me a favor and knock after you read this, too. One can't be too careful.


3 Little Snaps said...

..we just paid off our Odyssey last month too and my daughter turns five at the end this month. Our M-van has made it's share of travels too...ever since we paid it off I have been convinced it will break down so I will knock on wood for both of us!

Ramey said...

Ours will be paid off in August. My check engine light came on yesterday. I'm taking it to the garage today at 10:30. Knock on everything you see.