Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kindergarten Registration

Tomorrow I go to sign MY BABY up for Kindergarten!

Where has the time gone? This is actually monumental for the entire neighborhood, because Caleb was five months old when we moved here. They, too, are dumbfounded that it could possibly be time for this.

And while it's difficult to imagine such a thing, I have a ginormous list of projects to do next year when I have a few hours of house to myself every day. I'm also thinking about actually taking the GREs that I keep meaning to take, so eventually I can do grad school. I don't have a time line in mind, yet. But it's about that time.

Also, Heather-the-Awesome called today, because she is signing her youngest up tomorrow as well. Heaven help the poor kindergarten teachers for having to deal with the Dynamic Duo that is Caleb and Adam! As sad as it will be to send our babies off into the world, we are already planning a Breakfast with the Broads for the first day of school. We may sniffle through, but we will sniffle together.

Or we may not sniffle at all. We'll see.


3 Little Snaps said...

Found your blogs on the Bowman blog. I am signing my youngest up for Kindergarten too! I agree I can't decide whether to sniffle or not! Right now I am thinking no :)

Heather Snediker-Morscheck said...

I can tell you right now that I will be 100% sniffle free. I am practically doing my happy dance right now here in my basement having just signed Adam up. He is first in the folder for full day. Here's hoping he makes the cut! Otherwise I am going to kick Mrs. DeRose in the shins.

Emilia said...

Heather-Have you seen the shoes Mrs. DeRose wears?! They're all pointy toes and spike heels. I'm telling you, she hides weapons behind that desk. Curb your shin-kicking inclinations, girlfriend, lest she reciprocate. I did giggle when I noticed your name took up the very first box on the sign up sheet this morning. Did you kick the door down this morning?


Heather Snediker-Morscheck said...

Girlfriend- I can take her. She may be a tough old broad, but I am wily and full of guile. Plus I am fast like a snake. Fear me.

I was 3rd in line. Sue Marvin was right behind me. We are not fooling around about this!