Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gift Ideas

Okay, world. 

I am in need of gifting help.

What does one buy for a 16 year old boy for Christmas?



Ramey said...

Just go stright for a car.

Ramey said...

My sister-in-law, who has an 18, 15 and 8 year old, said this. Electronics of any kind, videos, hoodies, and gift cards. (also if you approve of older games for the wii, his own game) Does he have a bike? Bike accessories? Gift card so he can decorate his room the way he wants to.

TinaG said...

How about an ipod - just got the girls ones for xmas at the Apple online store - look at the refurbished ones ($99) and it is brand new and tested and has a year warranty!

Linnea said...

A Guitar
Driver's Education classes (save yourself the heartache)

Emilia said...

All excellent ideas!! (Except for the car, Dee. You think you have the corner on worrying Mom? Just wait till my kids start driving! I get heart palpitations just thinking about it.)

I got him guitar hero for Wii. Are there other games that aren't too terribly violent?

Tina, thanks for the refurbished tip! Those are excellent prices!

He has a guitar, but driver's ed is an excellent idea. (Heart palpitations.)

Keep the ideas coming.

Jen said...

Mario Party is an absolutely fabulous game for anyone, and it's actually something you can get the whole (or most of the) family into, as well. At least Benjamin should be able to handle it, i think.

Super Smash Bros is an awesome teen game, a little bit violent, but it's cartoon characters... and there's no blood...

And, if he likes old-school, you can always try Zelda (actually, most Wii's come with Zelda, or at least they used to).

I also agree with whoever mentioned iPod... it's like a status symbol for teenagers.

Katey said...

Obviously NONE of you have any idea about teenage boys what so ever... What a 16 year old boy wants for Christmas is...a 16 year old girl friend of course. Hopefully one as goofy and love struck as Emelia was at that age (and the next age, and the next age....). If you can't manage what he REALLY wants then I suppose Wii guitar hero is a good idea. IPOD also is great because that will allow him to totally tune you out (an favorite hobby of many 16 year old boys). A gift card for Half Price Books and Game Stop is another idea. Mostly 16 year old boys need lots of love, exercise, acceptance, exercise, listening and exercise. I KNOW you have the love, acceptance and listening down. Maybe a Community Center pass for him could help with the exercise??

Walker Family Buckeyes said...

Electronics for sure, just go into a Best Buy and have them guide you to the things for his age. That is what I do for my sibling brothers. Good luck and Congrats!

Anne Marie said...

There are already many great ideas here. I'll throw out a few of my own. My husband and I are board game geeks, so if he happens to be one of those who likes board games, I highly recommend Jambo and Lost Cities which are two fabulous 2-player games. (I feel like having a card or board game to play with one of your sons is a great time to bond, since most boys don't particularly like just sitting down to chat without some activity.) While I'm recommending games, I have to throw out Bang! as one of the funnest group games. If you haven't ever looked at, it is the place to find new games. I digress...I think any stories of your life, Todd's life, or your family's life you could compile would mean lots or any collection of pictures. Good luck! I know electronics are probably the very biggest thing for teens...I'm no help in that department.

Lara Mackelberry said...

I thought of a giant big bean bag or something for his new room, but those are pricey.
Less pricey:
Movie tickets or gas card (is he driving?) Also, funny t-shirts-teenagers seem to like those. Matching pajamas for the whole family---now that he has one that would be soooo sweet a must have picture! Or if that is too much--matching Christmas socks just to wear on Christmas, ok ok I'll stop. I tend to get cheesy, but I'm so excited for you and this boy! How fah-bu-lous!! I think you and yours will be the best present ever!! Oh ya, and there are some fun wii games with sports like bowling, boxing, etc.
One more, an "old school" journal. For things you don't want out in the blog world (but you may blog about years later (lol!)!!

joan said...

How about a hoodie from his new school?