Thursday, December 11, 2008

Summer 1991

The summer after my freshman year of high school was very fun.  I was all done with Todd Smith and a new, wiser teenager had resulted from my first knock down drag out unrequitted crush.

We went to Cape Cod, Mass as soon as school was out for what had become a mostly annual camping trip for our family.  I went on long bike rides, made friends with fellow teenage campers, read books next to the campfire, swam with turtles in the lake and spent as much time as possible either in or on the water.  It was a wonderful trip.  We had some other friends from NJ join us and their teenagers and I romped and swam and canoed all over the lakes, as well.  Mostly, I pointedly did not think about Todd.  Because everything I did, I just thought about how ridiculous I had been.   

Later that summer, we drove out to Wyoming.  There was much hiking and visiting and playing with cousins.  Also a wonderful trip.  Here's a journal entry from that experience:

August 15, 1991:

"I left NJ planning on having a rotten time in WY, but when I got here I realized that it really wasn't worth it.  My family won't be moving out here until I graduate from High School, so I no longer feel threatened.  I've taken lambs and llamas for walks while I've been here.  So, that's been an experience I wouldn't have back home.

Now, on to the good stuff.  Todd Smith called while I was here!  [He called my house in NJ.  The person staying there told me.]  Drat.  I do wonder what he wanted!  I think my problem with guys is that as soon as I meet someone, I see us married with kids.  It puts too much pressure on a friendship.  I'm almost mad that Todd called.  I was just starting to convince myself that I really didn't care."

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