Thursday, September 18, 2008

Benjamin and the Apple Tree

On Sunday we arrived home to inspect the damage to our trees in the middle of the windstorm. We ran to the back of the house when Benjamin wondered aloud why there was suddenly a hill of dirt at the base of our apple tree. Every time the wind blew, the tree would lean so far over that the roots were starting to come out of the ground. Only bad things would happen from this tree falling. It has power lines on one side and the neighbor's fence on the other.

I quickly thought about how we could cut off a limb or two to make it fall in a better way. But I realized that there was no way to do it. I sighed and said, "Ahg! What can we do?!"

And Benjamin said, "Pray." As if it was the only obvious answer.

Dang, I love that kid.

So, we knelt down and prayed. And the tree held.

It totally should have fallen.

And so we call it "The Apple Tree Miracle."

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