Thursday, September 18, 2008


What does one do on one's fifth day without power?

One makes jam and jelly with the berries that were defrosting in the currently useless freezer.

Lots of it.

By flashlight.

(Special thanks go to Ellen for sterilizing my jars in her working dishwasher. And Benjamin for holding the flashlight. I couldn't have done it without you.)


Beth said...

If anyone is having fun in this power outage, it is you. I love that you made jam. I have tried calling you several times at home (because I am too lazy to scour my old emails for your cell phone number) to see how you guys are doing. Oh, and I had Doug drop off cookies at your house last night.

Jen said...

"Strawberry jam, that's what kind."


Emilia said...

I KNEW those were Beth cookies!! Thanks. They were awesome. You really begin to appreciate baked goods after having no access to an oven for a week.