Friday, February 29, 2008

Crushes-H.S. through College

It is snowing here. Shocking, I know. I would just like to say that nobody warned me about the lake effect before I moved here. However, regardless of how it looks outside, I have decided to take down the Christmas wreath from my door in honor of March. (All my other decorations were put away in the middle of January, but the Christmas wreath seems to help make it prettier outside in the sea of gray and white.)

And with another snow day and kids home from school with friends over, I have decided to add my high school and college crushes. Because I can. I could be doing dishes or laundry, I suppose, but this is more fun.

1) Robert Sean Leonard. Another New Jersey boy. Dreamy then and now. Actually, Todd and I refer to him as "pretty boy" whenever we can't remember his name. Somehow this started when he was playing in that Tom Stoppard play several years ago..."Inventions of Love", I think.

2) Keanu Reeves in his pre action movie and Paula Abdul video days.

3) Jason Scott Lee. When I went to Disney World with my family over winter break of my freshman year of college, I was very disappointed to learn that they did not in fact carry a life size poster of Jason Scott Lee as Mowgli. This was the closest they had:

4) Rupert Everett. Yes, I know he's gay. And therefore, not unlike every other man I was spending time with in college. Maybe it was a crush of empathy. Still, I find him wonderfully amusing and have compulsions to watch nearly everything he's in. With exceptions. No movies with Madonna.

5) Colin Firth. It all started with Pride and Prejudice, of course. You all know what I'm talking about. Was there any woman who watched him in that movie and came away unscathed?

Here are Colin and Rupert together!

You may notice that my list of crushes for high school and college is significantly shorter than my earlier list. Part of it is I was too busy for TV and movies. The other reason is that there were plenty of real boys to be enjoyed. ;)

Stay tuned for "Crushes-the married years". (When I was originally making the list and mentioned Orlando Bloom in all his elfen glory, Todd perked up and said, "HEY. That was just a few years ago. We were married then. We saw all those movies together while you were holding my hand!" When I said, "Are you telling me you haven't had any movie star crushes since we've been married?" he went a bit pink and suggested another name to add to MY list.)

Maybe it won't snow anymore and that portion of the list can wait until next winter!! A girl can dream, right?


Tricia said...

Robert Sean Leonard. Definitely. I had a major crush.

Jen said...

Soon I hope to see you add David Tennant to that list.

And it's spring here, just fyi. *evil grin*

Emilia said...

I have to be honest. I adore the huge grins that CE does. They're so unaffected. But I'm fickle, so I'm sure that David and I will get along fine next season.

Anne Marie said...

Colin Firth is definitely a dream. Orlando Bloom..really? For me, it was Viggo MOrtensen. To this day, I turn a deep tomato red when Jared even mentions his name, which by the way makes him laugh hysterically and mention it even more often.

Beth said...

I am loving your crushes. It has really got me thinking about my own. There have been so many throughout the years. Perhaps a future blog for myself as well?

Beth said...

Oh, and I ditto you on the Rupert Everett thing (Colin Firth is a no brainer).

Emilia said...

Anne Marie- Orlando Bloom only with long blond hair and pointy ears...not the piratey version. I was dropping Nathaniel off at preschool one day when one of the kids mentioned Lord of the Rings and one of his teachers started fanning herself while her eyes glazed over and she swooned at thoughts of Viggo. You are not alone, my friend.

Emilia said...

And Beth- I am looking forward to your list of crushes!

Anne Marie said...

Yes, I must remind myself that Orlando Bloom is much better as Legolas. I'm afraid my memories of him have been scarred by the (sorry to offend anyone) ridiculous pirate movies.

Charles, Jessica, Cole & Juliet said...

These are so fun to read through!