Sunday, September 6, 2015

Conversations with Smiths-Part 15 (Or "I Have the Creepiest Kids Ever")

Every couple of years my husband gets bored and switches jobs. So far, always within the same company and it's always other people coming to him and fighting over who gets him next. (This is a good problem to have.) But we also try to be open to all the possibilities, which means the idea of moving.

It also means that every two years I remind him of my list of acceptable places to live. Because I really am okay with picking up and going whenever. But I have a few places I'm not willing to live.

We've never really let the kids in on the conversation of where they would or would not be willing to live, but we were discussing it with them in the room this last week.

Todd: We could live in South or North Carolina if I work for [lists several companies]. 

Me: Or we could go back to NY and live in the city for a couple of years. Or England!

Todd: Well, yes, we could, but those would not be as easy.

Me: But it would be an adventure!!

Todd: [Gazes at me with more patience than I deserve.]

Me: I prefer North. The Yankee in me is traumatized by even thinking about living that far south of the Mason-Dixon line. Besides we have way more friends and relatives in North.

Nathaniel: Wherever we move, it just has to be a state without the death penalty.

Me: [Stares at Nathaniel]

Me: [Finally recovers enough to talk] Um, why would you need to live somewhere without the death penalty, Nathaniel?

Nathaniel: Because....Reasons. You don't need to know any more.

Me: Oh my gosh, you are so super creepy sometimes.


Tricia said...

Bah!! That's super funny/creepy.
And I agree with you on North....and more specifically, our ward. ;)

Beth said...

He sure knows how to play up that creepiness. I'm the opposite of you, I would love the south and our running joke is that I could never move north of I-70. Well, within reason.