Friday, August 28, 2015

Conversations with Smiths- Part 14 (Or Why Emilia Keeps a Journal)

While we were in Europe, instead of writing in my journal, I chronicled our trip on postcards representative of the things we saw that day, so even though I had my trusty journal in tow, it didn't get opened much on our trip. When we arrived home, I discovered my entry from the plane ride en route to England. I'm SO glad I recorded this conversation!

This took place in the car on the morning we left the house of our friends, the Shropes. And after our bemused families and significant others sat and watched as my friend, Dave, and I pummeled each other for hours.

Me: It was so fun to wrestle like that again!! I never get to do that anymore!

Todd: Do you need to do that more?

Me: [Questioning eyebrow, wondering where he's going with this]

Todd: I'm not offering myself, mind you.

Me: Oh, really? Are you offering to get a wrestling partner for me?

Todd: Sure.

Me: Do I get to pick out what he looks like?

Todd: Sure. You can even pick out what color speedo he wears.

Me: Oh my gosh!! Best 40th birthday present EVER!

I don't turn 40 until next year, but Todd's been asking me what I would like for that milestone birthday. Unless he proposes something better in the meantime, I may need to remind him of this conversation in a few months. ;)

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Valerie said...

I love all the conversations :)