Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Hippie Commie Preschool

Really, I can't say enough about how much I love the Hippie Commie Preschool* that my three youngest kids have been fortunate enough to attend over the years. I was visiting some dear friends in CA while they were going through some serious preschool ideological woes with their son's preschool and it just made me all the more grateful that I happened upon this gem of a school so quickly after moving here to Ohio lo, those many years ago.

Here are just a few pictures I took the other day as I was marveling at how much I love this school for letting our children just be children.

This was after school as a few of us were able to stay to let the kids play on the playground. Lilyanna decided she was still hungry, so invited her friends to join her in a picnic as they finished up their lunches they hadn't completed during lunchtime.

That is my daughter rolling a log across the playground (barefoot and in pink and purple bejeweled dress, thank you very much).  She wanted to climb up a tree, but needed a boost. I won't boost her because my rule is if you can't get up by yourself, then you shouldn't' be up there in the first place. This was her solution. (I did the same thing at her age with an empty rain barrel.)

My kid's school keeps a canoe on hand for climbing and exploring. As per usual, Lilyanna is off to discover the world.

My kids are all very different from one another, but one thing they have in common is how much they love this school and claim it as the best school experience so far. On Friday my older boys had off from school, but came to the hippie commie preschool with me while I was the parent helper, so they could participate, too.  It is a special place and I will be sad to leave it for the last time in a few short months.

Not the actual name of the school, merely an affectionate name we've given it.

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