Monday, October 13, 2014

A New Suburban Gardening Adventure!

Because we can never have too many suburban gardening adventures, right??

We Smiths now have a worm farm. Basically, it's a composting bin for inside the house and it currently has a pound of little baby worms in it as well as food scraps, dead leaves, and wet newspaper.

Todd wasn't really looped into the plans that Nathaniel and I had been making, but was characteristically good natured about another one of our schemes. 

Until he came home the other day and Lilyanna said, "Daddy! We have new pets! 500 of them! And I named them ALL Wormie!"
Bless the poor man.

The thought of 500 worms in the house rattled him a bit. 

Until I showed him how tiny they all were.  Or maybe because I showed him how contained they all were. Either way, he was okay after that and able to enjoy the idea of 500 new pets all named Wormie.


Susan said...

It is so good to see you back at the blog!!

Valerie said...

My family did that too growing up! Pretty fun!