Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Personal Entomology

Some moments I am a grasshopper.  Other moments I'm an ant.  I'm mostly grasshopper with a few ant-like spurts.


Watch, then read the talk at the link.

I love that talk by Louise Plummer.  That's just an exerpt that was printed in one of our church publications but you can get the whole essay and others by her here.   I highly recommend them.

Right now, I need to go be an ant, even though I'd rather be doing grasshopper things.


Susan said...

Wow! Thanks, Emilia. That really spoke to me. Just what I needed.

Emilia Smith said...

I'm so glad. My mother owns or owned the book, so I find myself rereading that essay every couple of years and I take great comfort in it each time.