Friday, January 31, 2014

A Month of Winnowing 2014

Jan 1- Have made a pile of the following things to get out of the house: A crock-pot (I just received a new one for Christmas), a Golf calendar for 2013-2014, a bag of used clothing and shoes to be donated.

Jan 2- Found new homes for the crock pot and calendar through our neighborhood Freecycle type group.  Also added some little boy baseball caps and toddler clip-on ties that we no longer need to the ever growing pile of things to donate.

Jan 3-  Found a LEGO set to sell.  It's just a little one, but my kids already have it, and we certainly don't need duplicates of the millions of legos currently underfoot in this house!  (Sold for $2 on neighborhood site!)

Jan 4-  plastic Princess shoes that don't fit Lilyanna's wide feet.  Sold for $2 on neighborhood kid's stuff site!

Jan 5- Some sparkly dress ups that a friend gave to us, that are doubles of things we already have.  I gave these away on a neighborhood forum.

Jan 6- Adding to the donation bin a pair of old slippers

Jan 9- Found some little toys to put in "The Anti-Claus Box".  Happy Meal type stuff.

Jan 10-  In cleaning off the kitchen counters, I found some overpriced snack food from Whole Foods that nobody in my family liked.  I will give away to someone in the neighborhood.

Jan 11-  A gorgeous tie that Todd owns but he feels is to "pastel-y" for him.  It's a really nice tie, so I'll sell that.  (Got $5 on the neighborhood site!)

Jan 12-  Started putting together a box for my friend, Liz, and her little girl.  (Hi, Liz! The box should be full by the end of the month!)

Jan 13-  Sorted through some hand me downs we received and added a few really well loved items to the donation bin.

Jan 14-
Jan 15-
Jan 16-
Jan 17-

Jan 18-  In cleaning out my closet, found several shirts and sweat shirts that I haven't used in years and am not likely to use anytime in the future.  Will add them to the donation bin.  Also, it made it so I found a dress I bought a year ago, wore twice, and forgot about.  I'll wear that to church on Sunday.

Jan 19- added 2 pairs of my own shoes to the give away bin.  They have served me well for many years and I'd already sort of replaced both of them.  One can never have too many pairs of black shoes in my opinion.

Jan 20- cat food leftover from when we had the hedgehog.  Gave to the neighbors across the street.

Jan 21-
Jan 22-
Jan 23-
Jan 24-

Jan 25- Made my 11 year old clean out his closet and dresser and bring me things that don't fit him anymore.  He's notoriously picky about how things fit, so even though I know some of the items in the pile technically fit, I also know he won't wear them so we might as well pass them along.

Jan 26- compiling a box of cleaning supplies I don't use.  I typically use baking soda and vinegar as my main cleaners, but have acquired others over the years in hopes of magic!  Alas, buying cleaners didn't magically make anything clean.  (What do you mean I have to actually use them??) ;)

Jan 27- Took a whole box full of tap, jazz. and ballroom dance shoes to try to pawn off on the belly dance crowd.  Alas, there were no takers, but I decided I would donate everything but the ballroom shoes.  I paid too much money for those and they were only worn for a week of ballroom dance camp each!  (My friend took them to a local high school who is doing a production of "Shrek: the Musical" and they were able to use all the shoes!  Hooray!)

Jan 28- Found a red faux snake skin hat that I once bought in NYC during a torrential rain storm when I had neither a hood nor an umbrella.  It's hideous.  The only time it's been used since then is for dressing a snowman.  Straight to the donation bin!

Jan 29-  Cleaning out my cedar chest and am finally passing on a beautiful wool jumper that my Mom made for me years ago.  It hasn't fit me since college.  (It fit well for years everywhere but the chest...).  I have a hard time passing on things that were specifically made for me, because I remember the process.  I helped sew seams, pick out buttons, patterns and material.  But it's more than time to pass it on to someone who will be able to use it.

Jan 30- In cleaning under my dresser (terrifying!) found a kid's book and a belt to add to the donation box.

Jan 31-  Woo hoo! Just got an email from Once Upon a Child that they're looking for Spring and Summer things, so I'm packing up a box to take over there to sell.  I'll either donate what is left or add to the box to mail to Liz.

Well, there we go.  One more month of getting rid of at least 30 things.  I still have WAAAAY more to get rid of, but the closets are a little cleaner and I will have made about $20 after I take the summer clothing to Once Upon a Child tomorrow.  Not bad at all.  I should probably do this hard core more than once a year.  Maybe quarterly...

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