Monday, November 11, 2013

Poor defenseless pretzels!

Yesterday Lilyanna was eating some of these:

Which for the record are THE BEST gluten free pretzels out there. In fact the non-gf people in the family like these better than the regular pretzels because they're crunchier.  

Anyway, as she was playing with her pretzel sticks she was making them talk to each other. This was the conversation two of the sticks had as per Lilyanna:

Pretzel 1:  What do you want to do?
Pretzel 2: I know! Let's go shopping!
Pretzel 1: Great! Where should we go shopping?
Pretzel 2: Let's go shopping in Lilyanna's mouth!
Pretzel 1: Great idea!

And then she stuffed them both in her mouth and crunched them to bits and swallowed.

I was reminded of this story of Caleb from about the same age.

So out of curiosity. Are everyone's children having creepy conversations with their snack foods at this age, or is it just mine?

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