Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lilyanna's First Day of School

 So, I'm a couple months late posting this here, but this is a picture of my little girl so excited on her first day of school she could hardly contain her joy! While it looks like she's popping a pose here, this was just one of the few pictures I managed to take that wasn't blurry from her dancing and jumping around that morning.

Here are the less posed looking ones:
"Mom, let's get out the door already!"

"C'mon! Get off the stairs and let's go!"

"Do I have to stand still for a picture?"

"Okay. I'm still. And I smiled. LET'S GO!"

 And we finally did go. Caleb and I dropped Lilyanna off at her school and then he and I headed to Northstar for a celebratory first day of preschool smoothie and a side of sweet potato hash.  Of course we brought our school work with us, too. But everything is nicer when you're at Northstar.

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