Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Fire burn and cauldron bubble!"

On Friday my kids had off from school, I had an awful sinus headache, and Lilyanna was starting to feel better, so I decided to bargain with her (thinking it was a safe bet and I wouldn't have to pay up) that if she took a nap, I would take her to the Halloween party at our town's rec center that evening.  Properly motivated, she climbed the stairs almost immediately. I still didn't think she would do it. After all, my children believe that sleep is for the weak! (I'm so lucky...)  I figured she'd look at books for a little while in her bed and then try to come down and tell me she already took a nap.  But when I went upstairs, she was sound asleep!  

Granted, I paid for it later in that she didn't fall asleep until 11:30 pm.

So, I got to take her to the rec center.  It was just she and I, which was fun. In years past, I've always had to navigate the crowds with multiple children, so to just have one to focus on was a pleasure.  We also made it through all the activities in record time because Lilyanna is a line cutter.  I would stand  in line holding her hand explaining that we had to wait for something, when she would see other kids up ahead being let in and make a break for it.  The people opening the doors and gates just assumed she was supposed to be with the group coming in, and by the time I would catch up to her, she was already in.  While I don't condone this sort of thing, it was nice to not spend so much time standing in line.

Predictably, she loved the whole thing. And she really does make a pretty cute little witch.  

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