Thursday, October 10, 2013

Magic Clip dresses!

If you have to buy anything for a little girl any time soon, and she happens to be at that age where she loves dressing dolls but doesn't yet have the manual dexterity to really do it, BUY HER THESE!!!  Especially if you like her parents.

The dresses are pretty and function like clothes pins (squeeze the bottom of the dress together and it comes apart at the top so you can get the doll out. Pinch the next dress open and drop the doll in. GENIUS!), so the child can easily get the doll dressed and undressed 362 times each hour without needing help. It makes everyone in our house happier.

Lilyanna plays with these things happily for hours! I like these toys less than when Benjamin became obsessed with little plastic dinosaurs at this age, because I thought of that as an educational pursuit, but who am I to complain about whatever it takes to get her to play independently?

Best $4.99 spent ever. (I got them on sale at Target this summer.)

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